Relentless Exquisite (AKA Elliot Fresh, AKA Zatoichi’s Ears), the Gold on the Mixer stalwart is back with a new LP. And just like his last outing, G.M.W.I.M is jam-packed with nudge-nudge wink lyricism and infuriatingly obscure pop culture references. The latest release sees Relentless team up with the brilliantly named Ambidextrous Slim Pinky Fingers, AKA Lucian Dunlop – another emcee making ripples inside and out the local Oxford scene.

Delivering that signature laid-back sound, shot through with East Coast backpack beats, G.M.W.I.M. doesn’t so much flow like a river as roll like a ten-mile Rizzla. Standout track ‘Eranu’ – with guest bars from Meticulous Perfection – is GOTM to a tee – all hazy instrumentals, slick bars and existential exploration. 

The duo make a solid team, dancing over beats with bars that veer from the ridiculous to the sublime. G.M.W.I.M. drops pop culture references with the same frequency as an episode of Spaced. It’s hard not to get caught up, even as the duo freewheel from dropping bars on Eastern philosophy to straight-face spitting: “Women hate me / /they aggressively fellate me.”

The Madlib vibes are still evident, and if anything they’ve been turned up for G.M.W.I.M. Tracks like ‘Thrones’ genuinely could have popped up on a Bomb Shelter release and you wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Relentless has mastered the art of balancing two different worlds – enlightened but infantile, mellow but dexterous, profane yet profound. With G.M.W.I.M. and the help of Ambidextrous, he’s taken that balancing act to a new level.G.M.W.I.M. is out now on Gold on the Mixer.