Something new from the High Focus camp in form of a surprise album from Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor, produced in its entirety by GhostTown, ‘Laminated Cakes’ is out today. Shaped over the last five years with features from Dirty Dike & Chester P, Cop it on Tape, CD, Vinyl or digital Download from the HF Shop.

Check out the video for ‘Excellent Donut’

Due to the surprise nature of the project, we’ve not had a chance to properly review it. Fortunately, a stellar cast of critics were available for comment… Here’s the word from the street, the kitchen, the north pole and the horses mouth!

“So much fire I done set my ear hairs alight!” – A guy with hairy ears

“Probably the worst country album this side of 2017” – Ja Rule

“Thanks to Jam Baxter and Edward Scissortongue my sack is now full to the point of exploding” – Santa

“Probably the best Jam Baxter and GhostTown collaboration album since Freshly Skeletal.”
Jam Baxter

“It’s ok I guess” – Dabbla

“This bugged out hip hop space opera from those shystie rap cats Baxter and Scissor has reignited my love for the art. Live stage version coming to the West End in 2019.” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“What sort of sh*t eating f**king c*nt wizard would Laminate a Cake!?” – Gordon Ramsey