This one puts the ‘wave’ in ‘new wave’. Last Night in Paris collective members Jordon Wi-Fi, Reezy Rye and Trigga Tre go back-to-back at break-neck speed in a demonstration of the right way to build a track around auto-tune on latest drop ‘Crash’. More than just being able to create tasty musical textures, however, today also sees the launching of Last Night in Paris’ new series the ‘Give Back Project’, looking to platform black-owned businesses in their community. To me, at the very least this is a good opportunity to support someone other than Zuckerberg and Bezos with the time we all spend looking at screens each day. These lads have their heads screwed on.

Stream ‘Crash’ on any major streaming platform now, or follow the LNIP channel to catch the ‘Give Back Project’ pilot dropping later this evening.