Don’t let her petite physique fool you, Islington’s Little Simz proves her worth on her recent E.D.G.E release. Her quick-fire lyrics effortlessly lay over, well-produced, often lengthy beats with vocal features from Josh Arcé, Chuck20, AGO’s Waldo and Tilla. Simz is open about the creative process of E.D.G.E admitting that the majority of the 13-track project was recorded and mixed in her bedroom. E.D.G.E shows true creative progression from the 22-year old Londoner. An epic soundscape with bars to match.

As if show-boating her creativity, Simz dropped a mini EP last week. Why drop two releases so close together one might ask. Simz’s answer; “I feel like when you always try and justify something or there always
has to be a purpose to something, it kinda loses everything. Sometimes I like to be spontaneous, sometimes I like to do things out of the extraordinary, sometimes I don’t like to think about what I do and I just like to do it.” Seems like a good enough answer to me. Enjoy the Little Simz flurry of productive. Long may it last!








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