%image_alt%Hip Hop music is a direct descendant off the sound system culture of reggae and dubmusic. Therefore its not surprising that over the years there has been acts which have infused the two sounds – whether it be Jamalski or Mad Lion, the London Posse and the Demon Boyz and in more recent times Roots Manuva. Which brings me nicely onto the ‘International Rudeboy’ album by Lotek.

Probably best well known for his work with Mr Manuva’s on his first two albums, he has also released material as part of Lotek Hi Fi and produced the 2009 Mercury Prize winning album by Speech Debelle, ‘Speech Therapy’.

The international vibe with the album is clear. Lotek has been playing festivals in eastern Europe and recording with artists from the region. Also been playing clubs in Japan, and the album collabs are as varied as this mans travels (the album also features Banana Klan members Roots Manuva and Jimmy Screech). This was actually recorded in Melbourne Australia which is where Lotek is currently based and also was released there first, in late 2010.

So here we are, it has had its official release on our shores and it doesn’t disappoint. Fans won’t be surprised as Lotek releases consistently great stuff. With reference points ranging from classic Studio One productions to Specials style Ska and the future dub of Mungos Hi Fi this is an album that is dripping with quality.

The only real bad thing I can say are just personal things. Such as the song ‘Still Splendid’ ft Roots Manuva. I would have loved to have heard a verse from Rodney but he only does a vocal accompaniment on the chorus. And then there’s Loteks’ very individual voice. Kind of rough, and compared to a 2011 british rapper, very different. But for me that’s part of the charm of this long player and Lotek the individual – he’s playing the role of toaster, the visual point of the dance and I think it works.

This is a great release and definite grower but don’t listen to me go and check it for yourselves I implore you. Support this and tell your friends and your friends friends


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