If you don’t know the legendary MF Doom by now then I’ve lost faith in hiphop. The man that brought you KMD, who’s controversial album ‘Black Bastards’ has only been released after years of hiphop fans the world over dribbling at the prospect. The legend talks to UKHH about past, present and future using as fewer words as he can get away with, but hey you gain the right to do so when you are the one the only MF DOOOOOOM!

All right Doom, first off give yourself an intro for all the heads out there who don’t know you?

The super MF Villain, cooler than a million.

I’ve got no idea what MF stands for, tell us how the name came about?

MF is multi-faced, metal face, mic fiend, mother fuck. The prefix or title was adopted from partner and close friend MF Grimm (Mad Flows). All others attempting to use the title without proper authorisation are subject to execution.

Who are your all-time favourite rappers? And who inspires you in modern day hiphop/other music?

Doom’s all-time favourite MC’s are King Ghidora, Jet-Jaguar, Megalon, Rodan, Kamakiras, Gigan, Lord Smog, King Seesar and Kong.

MF Doom - Operation Doomsday
MF Doom – Operation Doomsday

‘Operation Doomsday’ what a wicked release, it had some strange samples on there. Your connection with cheesy 80’s soul seems strong. Is that what you were down with in the 80’s? How big is the soul collection in your house?

Doom is ‘down’ with all good music, forever. Dooms collection from NYC and ATL labs contain over 7000 pieces.

Lots of Cartoon references on the album including the wicked front cover, most peoples first few memories are chilling in front of a cartoon with a glass of chocolate milk, what are your first memories and what cartoons used to keep your young eyes glued to the screen?

Dooms first memories as far as cartoons would be Underdog, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Tennesse Tuxedo etc. Musically it would be Stevie Wonder.

If you could go back to being a child what would you want to do most, and what would you like to do to change the way things have gone for you?

Things have gone satisfactory for Doom, for if it went any other way, he wouldn’t be the Doom he is today. What he would want to do most is start getting money sooner.

What comics were/are you down with? Are you the Judge Dredd sort or more into the less serious ones?

Doom’s collection consisted of the early Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Alpha Flight, Spider Man and Secret Wars.

MF DoomWho would win out of Dr Von Doom, Dr Octavius and the Sandman, and why?

Sandman would be the first to be destroyed, then Otto Octavius would be the next to catch a serve if not fatal ass whipping. See Spiderman and Fantastic four: Doomsday book two (Paperback)

The ‘Black Bastards’ LP, tell us a little bit about the problems surrounding that release and will it ever be released on vinyl?

The Black Bastards album was delayed because of problems with the previous label, Elektra, had with not only the artwork, but the message, motive and concept KMD expressed in the project. The main theme being the execution of the of the stereotypical depiction of the races, showed a Sambo being hung. The vinyl should be available on August 3rd 2000 on Metal Face Records.

The artwork on the front of it, is that an exact original or a newer rendering?

The artwork is an updated version of the original.

Which of KMD’s albums are you most proud of and why?

Mr. Hood really sets the tone for the whole saga nicely. It’s a good example of the experimental hiphop KMD is currently known for.

Do you feel that your darker side has come out more since the early KMD days?

It is hard to say from Doom’s perspective, probably you would be more suited to answer such a question being the observer.

So do you have much knowledge of the whole scene in the UK at the moment?

Doom has done and is presently doing some research on the UK hiphop scene.

Any plans to tour the UK or do some collabs with some wicked UK artists?

Doom has done work with Greedy Fingers and the Herbaliser. He is looking forward to visiting the area soon.

Think in to yourself about Britain, then tell me the first five things that come into your head?

The pound, the Thames , Big Ben, fish and chips and exotic hoes.

What’s next for MF Doom? And will the next releases be on Fondle Em or Metalface?

Check for ‘Imposta!’ A single release on Brick Records. Doom will be working with Metal face as well as some other labels.

You have done loads of work with other artists, so just a few questions about them. Is Onyx Kid still about and what is he up to?

The good brother Onyx is still chillin’. He is presently raising children.

Were you behind the Mr Hood release?

I advise the public that the Mr. Hood re-release was not of my doing, nor was it with my permission. I ask that you do not purchase this poor quality bootleg of which Doom receives no compensation. Metal face records will be releasing an official Mr. Hood as well as CD shortly. Any information on the criminals committing this terrible misrepresentation will be rewarded. Contact [email protected]

MF Doom & Lord Dihoo
MF Doom & Lord Dihoo get
photographed by a stripy camera

Any people you have plans to do collabs with? Ghostface Killa, Phoenix Orion, Jeru?

Doom will do work with any artist with good intent as well as offerings.

The black and white photo on the back of the Doomsday album seems to give the impression you are a studying member of the holy Tabernacle Ministries, is this so and do you have any plans to do releases with them?

Doom did study under the great spiritual guide and teacher. Doom will not discuss his plans.

What about Serch and Kurious, still down with them?

The good brother Kurios the Magician is and will always be a good friend of the super villain. He doesn’t see Serch as much anymore.

Do you feel Subroc’s huge contribution to hiphop is not mentioned enough in modern hiphop media?

Everyone will know of the legendary Subroc and his many works and contributions to this art form.

Well I better not keep you for any longer man. Cheers

Operation Doomsday is out now on Fondle ‘Em, KMD’s ‘Black Bastards’ is out now on CD on Readyrock

Interview by 2-hip for ukhh.com. Posted 19th October 2000