SBTV and Fire in the Booth Margate marvel Mic Righteous releases his first ever EP ‘Open Mic‘, we kept an open mind and had a listen..

frontThe EP opens with an acoustic number, a cleverly structured piece of lyricism about the forgotten ‘Pen’, the ‘world’s most powerful tool’. This is a strong start and Mic is a natural story teller, conjuring up vivid images within his passionate flows and layering them over well produced flavours mixed with clean, punchy drums, courtesy of Naughty Boy Music, Oliver Twist and TDH Productions.

Ella Chi‘s beautiful, soulful vocals slide over heavenly guitars and keys, mixing with the pained raps of Mic Righteous on ‘King of Hearts’, for me the standout track on the EP, closely followed by ‘Intro’. All of the songs comprise a definitive poignant piece, which should be listened to the whole way through and reflected on. There is a real commercial feel to this offering, especially on tracks like ‘Hold it down’ and ‘Up all night’ and Mic’s hunger can be felt on every bar that he spits, he almost roars down the headphones and it’s refreshing to hear someone so passionate about their music.

This is someone who is tearing through the undergrowth of the underground, someone who wants to be heard and despite all the controversy, when everything is stripped away, underneath we find a well produced, well written piece of music.

The ‘Open Mic’ EP is out now on digital, download a copy and catch the vibes.

Check out the video for ‘Ghost Town’ off the EP..