It’s been almost exactly a year since last pestered the talented Mr Ti2bs. A year too long in our opinion, so we decided to track him down and get an update on his current movements. Thankfully, it was worth an update as things have moved on for Ti2bs and we caught some words a matter of weeks after his debut solo LP “Nobody’s Perfect” hit the streets.

It’s been a little while since we spoke to you last, so what’s changed for Ti2bs since then?

Mr Ti2bsWell the album’s finally out! We spoke last just after the release of ”Inner City Rap”, since then I’ve also released 2 other singles, “Keep It Moving” & “Charity” which have both done quite well. I also released a free mixtape hosted by the SK Vibemakers, which was nominated for a 1Xtra mixtape award that has also done really well for me. Apart from that I’ve been doing as many live shows as possible – oh yeah I just put together a band!

A band? Tell us a bit a bout that? Something for a laugh or something you want to take far?

It’s something I’ve thought a lot about and put a lot of effort into. We’re currently getting ready for some recording, I’m basically recording a visual & an audio demo which I’ll distribute to whoever, wherever in order to get shows out of the Hip Hop arena. I’ve got a drum & bass section, an electric guitarist who also plays acoustic & a really great singer, who is kept in order by The Sea who plays a few instruments himself. We all have fun and enjoy the music, so hopefully Mr Ti2bs and the From The Soul Band will go very far…we’re just getting started!

“Nobody’s Perfect” is a title which suggests your album exposes some of your frailties. Do you think you open up quite a lot on this LP compared to your previous releases?

Not really, I’ve always been very honest when writing… it’s what I do best. The songs of mine people like the most have always had those qualities, even if they lacked in other areas. I think what makes this album different from my previous releases such as the mixtapes is the consistency in production and the concepts.

Another thing is that despite a large range of producers, you’ve not got any featured emcees. Was this because you wanted this album to be all about Ti2bs?

Mr Ti2bs100% MR TI2BS!!!!!!!! I believe in what I do with all my heart & I’ve been doing this for a while so I feel it was the ONLY way to introduce myself properly. This album is all about my feelings, experiences & style so I chose to go solo, maybe on the next album I’ll holler at some of my peers.

You’ve got some of the biggest hitters on the UK Production on the album, like Joe Buhdha & Baby J. How did you sort out the production for the album?

I get around just like 2PAC said! I linked Baby J & Joe Buhdha through Kemet, but I already kind of knew them so it was pretty simple. I get along with most people so I’ll always holla at those I feel and see what happens – the worst they can say is no!

So the album’s been out for a week or 2 now, what has the feedback been like on the streets?

Great, I’ve been getting mad love. I’ve begun to notice that some people really, really, really feel me! It’s definitely a good look and a good feeling, there’s a lot of variety on the album without me trying to sound different so some people prefer the musical aspect of the project which is good.

Lots of the tunes on the album are perfect of the up and coming summer. Was this a consideration to the release of the album or did you just want it on the streets as and when it was ready?

To be honest the release date is kind of out of my control, that’s Kemet’s domain. I made an album which I thought could stand the test of time. The only feel I went for was an honest one. That’s interesting though, that’s the first time I’ve heard that… safe!

I for one think that “Nobody’s Perfect” has some monster tracks, like “Charity” which could appeal to more people than the usual ‘ish. What do you hope to achieve with this album?

Thanks. I’m still a young artist, despite being around for a while, so I’m still learning and growing… trying to master my craft. Rapping is my way of communicating with the world through music, so it’s my job to write the best songs I can and hopefully people that like good music will like mine.

“…I’ve begun to notice that some people really, really, really feel me!…”

How do you gauge success in your music?

Mr Ti2bsThere’s many ways in which it’s done and I think they’re all as important as each over. I believe that you can gauge your success by how much money you make, the impact you have on your genre and generation and by the growth and satisfaction you get from making music.

We are all aware of your previous affiliations, so I’m not going into that again. But looking forward, where is Ti2bs looking too? Do you have any current affiliations that will see some releases?

You will be hearing me work more with Dat G Gav & Firstman Productions as I think we work best together, apart from that no one else I’m sure of right now.

Your lyrics are fairly vivid and real to what you’re seeing round you. Do you think the current media hard-on in relation to gang / gun crime and how it’s affecting the country’s young people is justified? Or do you think this has been going on for a long time without any attention?

I definitely think it’s justified because it’s a reality that I’ve experienced. My only problem is the way it’s portrayed and handled, because money is at the root of it all and the society we live in is very elitist and all about money. I think instead of pointing fingers and getting scared of our fellow man, we should try to understand why he does what he does then we can help him.

Last time we interviewed you, you said you’d never bought a record. Do you think this is a dead form of music nowadays? I’m I right in saying your album won’t be released on vinyl?

Yeah, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is available on CD and as MP3 downloads from various places including iTunes, HMV, the Kemet website etc. For my generation I think CDs are the most used format, so we’ll only press vinyl if there’s a heavy demand. I know a lot of people who buy records and still enjoy them, just not in my immediate circle (the mandem!).

“…I believe that you can gauge your success by how much money you make, the impact you have on your genre and generation and by the growth and satisfaction you get from making music…”

As the self-confessed “Black Del Boy”, what’s your favourite Only Fools and Horses sketch or episode?

Mr Ti2bsIt’s gotta be the Batman & Robin episode where they get the woman’s handbag back from some thieves dressed as the caped crusaders and she actually thinks she’s been saved by Batman! There’s a few that are favourites of mine, but that comes to mind first.

Ok, wrapping things up then. What’s next from Ti2bs? A tour etc?

Yeah, trying to get booked as much as possible with my DJ, the band or both! I’ve got another mix CD coming at the beginning of the summer mixed by DJ Silk, featuring some of the UK’s favourite MC’s. I’m on DJ Skitz’ first single off his comeback album “Requiem Of The Gods” alongside some heavyweight MCs. I’m also featured on the “Don’t Trigger Campaign”, which is an anti gun-crime movement backed by Trident, the Mayor of London & many others. Apart from that, just pushing “Nobody’s Perfect” as far as it can go whilst preparing my next album. 1 love from the soul.

Well, all that’s left to say is that the “Nobody’s Perfect” LP gets the big stamp of approval for sure and warrants your immediate attention! If you don’t check it you’re a sucker, because it’s one of the best LPs out this year no doubt.

Also a big thank you to Mr Lawson (Gameplan Promotions) & the Black Del Boy himself for their efforts.



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