The gaming theme is often used in Hip Hop and pushed through producers worldwide but Percy Filth takes this idea to a whole new (boss) level. Use of those reminiscent 8-Bit inkling bloops and blips is something I’ve always enjoyed hearing in sync with rap music but where Grime missed in the early naughties with matching the tinking glitch sounds to structured, well thought lyricism, the words of Mylo Stone and various featured artists come tooled up with turbo boosting bars until you can power up no more.

This EP holds seven solid tracks that each boast the aforementioned check points in beats and bars but the project goes beyond simply sound. The choice of its many collaborative artists work greatly in uniting Hip Hop powerhouses across the country from Eatgood and Aerosolik to Crudely Cut, High Focus and more. These collaborations alone give me great pride in UK Hip Hop and throw light on the infrastructure that’s been carved over decades between Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton and beyond. If track five featured; Kang decided to put a laser-gun to my head in pursuit of finding out what the UK Hip Hop scenes were all about, End Of Level Boss Music would be unhesitatingly handed over.

Project Honours:

Favourite Bars: Military Precision
Favourite Beat: Raise The Bar
Favourite Featured Bars: BVA on Raise The Bar
Favourite Album Art Detail: Arcade joysticks and buttons

Support UK Hip Hop and throw up some of those gold coins by copping End Of Level Boss Music here.

Catch me unlocking more secret stages at @tarekrevolution and

Check out the official video for ‘Military Precision’ taken from the album.


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