Brain Scran Record’s debut EP release Parental Guidance for first signing Mysteronz has arrived today! In preparation for this occasion we took to the streets of the seaside town of Folkestone to run a political campaign aiming to get Mysteronz party candidate and DJ/Producer King Bracket elected as the MP for Folkestone and Hythe. Polls suggest that regardless of whether Mysteronz are aliens masquerading as a hip hop crew or a hip hop crew masquerading as aliens, nobody is willing to vote for them to represent the constituency in parliament. Which is probably a good thing as they definitely couldn’t be fucked. It wasn’t a complete waste of time though as the video for second single ‘2 Martas’ turned out sick.

Parental Guidance features UK Boom Bap ambassadors Chie, 7th Sense and King Bracket repping impressively across 7 lazily funky bangers. Listen and cop it here.