Much has been said about UK Hip Hop, and the upsurge in rappers coming from the shores of this soon to be lonely island. But, there is never a lot of talk of the guys who piece together the platform for the wizards of the word to showcase themselves. Great partnerships are a staple of life, you can’t have one without the other – Laurel and Hardy, Undertaker and Kane. Bacon without egg, should just be considered blasphemy. Similarly, you can’t have a mint hip hop track without a slick beat – enter Pitch 92.

Pitch 92 wrangles up some of the UK’s finest and gives them a jazzy, soul infused canvas to explore. The debut production album 3rd Culture drops tomorrow (28th Feb) through High Focus records, Pitch 92 takes care of the beats in his usual laid back sample ridden style, with accompaniment from The Four Owls, Jehst and Foreign Beggars to name a few. A few regular Mancunian names appear as well in DRS and Sparkz.

Pitch 92 has been in the game for years, he’s a relic of the old. Though based in the great city of Manchester (Big up!). He has been around the block and back again. Dublin, Germany and Switzerland have all been home to the shaolin master of keys. The diversity of cultures Pitch has lived through has aided the creation of his style. 

From the release of the Lost in Space EP, Pitch 92 has formed a big reputation. Pitch has built a name as an ever versatile producer, able to craft varying soundscapes for a plethora of artists to work on. 3rd Culture is no different. Two singles have been released so far, the first being ‘Humanoid’. A track that showcases exactly what to expect throughout the record. A three verse attack from some of the UK’s finest, including long time friend Verb T.

3rd Culture has solidified what we expect from Pitch 92. A throw back to the golden age from start to finish. If you like your hip hop done the old fashioned way, be sure to grab a copy of 3rd Culture.