Ten days ago we put up a list of ten of our favourite posse cuts and credited Leaf Dog and Eskar as jointly holding the record (of 19) for the most guest features on a UK hip-hop tune. We were aware that when the research strategy is three guys racking their brains over the course of a messy night that there’s a possibility we weren’t collectively aware of every tune ever released in the UK scene. Consequently, the article included an invitation for anyone to hit us up and let us know if there was a track that had more appearances on it. Almost instantly after the article going up, FlowTecs of New Guardz got in touch and pointed us in the direction of his 24 Verse Murder. Following shortly behind, Darren ‘Indi’ Fischer dropped us the link to DJ IQ‘s 8 Bars of Fire.

So in the name of fairness and accuracy, it seemed only right to put the tracks up and give them some props.

Artist: FlowTecs
Track Name: 24 Verse Murder
No. of Guests: 23!!
Guest Artists: Merciless, Emcee Killa, Valiant, Non Applicable, John Wesley, Ray Vendetta, Teslas Ghost, Stinkin Slumrok, Dr.Voodoo, Mongrel, Menace Mendoza, K.Zorro, Venomous Spitter, Mas Law, Marv Radio, Honours T, Kal Sereousz, Motman, Phyba optikz, Mavi Marx, Architech, Realityinzoom Syncromystics (Riz & Obidiah), Mike Kalle.


Boasting a ridiculous 23 guest MCs, 24 Verse Murder is one seriously rammed tune. The DJ Premier instrumental is nang and most of the contributing artists kill it. The 2015 album Verse Murder… Premier Flows which sees FlowTecs paying homage to the legendary Premo by lacing a prime selection of his beats with some savage spits is available for name your price on bandcamp.

Artist: DJ IQ
Track Name: 8 Bars of Fire
No. of Guests: 20
Guest Artists: Arrogance, Asaviour, Big Deal, Dramacide, Dubbledge, Iron Braydz, Jack Flash, Jehst, Kashmere, Kaspa Troy, Kyza, Metropolis, Mr. Ti2bs, Orifice Vulgatron, Pride, Sir Smurf Lil’, Stig Of The Dump, TB, The Dinner Lady P.I.M.P, Verb T.

Goodness gracious, 8 Bars of Fire! A few less heads than 24 Verse Murder but still narrowly (kind of on a technicality as the title artist is the DJ) pushes the guest counts of The Legacy and FluteJam into joint 3rd place. The talent on this one is silly. Strong contender against Dike and The Bluntskins for my personal favourite posse cut. The beat is heavy and IQ managed to draw a line up for this one with a very high ratio of UK legends. Not sure what The Dinner Lady P.I.M.P. is about, or who he is. The other 19 MCs set a very high bar. FIRE.

Still hungry for Posse? Other noteworthy mentions we’ve thought up or had brought to our attention since the first Posse Cuts piece include; B​.​O​.​M​.​B (Oliver Sudden & Luca Brazi) – Lucky Thirteen, The London Allstars – The London Convention, Res and Datkid – Gang-man Style, DJ IQ – Brain Food Allstars and Rodney P and company taking it way back with UK Rappers Delight.

Please nobody tell us we’ve missed an even bigger posse cut.