London rap staple and High Focus mainstay Ramson Badbonez releases his latest EP ‘Love Music’ on LOUIS DEN, a label that originally started as a producer collective and networking community, with close connections to the Birmingham based EAT GOOD Records. This 6 track release is entirely produced by Konasir Beats, an individual with more than 30 years of industry experience, working with the likes of Bury Crew, MCD and Task Force among others. The EP follows up on the success of the Death Mask album but is entirely a one-rapper-one-producer collaboration, crossing a wide array of sounds on what is a fairly musical affair. In recent years it can be argued that perceptions of the rapper have changed to that of a far more conscious one, whereby people have been treated to well developed song writing, covering topics like after-life mysteries, the energy crisis and lasting effects of colonialism, this EP is no different and broaches more of these topical subjects. It’s clear that we will like the new release.. but did we love it?

Photography by Nadia Otshudi

The EP opens with ‘Raw Lines’, a Ghost ‘n Goblins-esque sample runs across the top of trappy electronic beats with some solid bravadic word play from Ramson, a strong start. ‘Mr White’ is a well written concept piece, where he explores the parasitic nature of racism through the lens of a medical professional. The lyrics are placed on top of warm keys and echoing samples, a great example of story telling and well polished production. The titular ‘Love Music’ is a tribute to all of the black musicians that have inspired and shaped his journey over the past few decades, it’s an energetic soul filled ride with a great hook, definitely one for the reload. ‘Gun Talk’ changes the pace with uptempo snappy drums, mysterious pipes, electric guitar and some fantastic live saxophone performed by Tim Clark, effortlessly delivered street tales and punch line rap, great stuff and a reminder of the harder sound Ramson is known for, another stand-out on the release.

‘Real Eyes Realise Real Lies’ (try saying that three times!) features the vocal talents of Nesha, her delicate velvet tones contrast with Ramson’s raspy execution and make for a harminous, rhythmic entry on the EP. The concluding track, ‘No Antenna’ jumps through the headphones, simply because of the way the words are assembled over dream like sequences and heavy drone drums, word play is inventive with a smooth hook, sure to be a fan favourite. Ramson rapidly dispatches lyrics, double time bars and hooks over some interesting beat choices, it’s a refreshing selection of songs and a great showcase of Ramson’s range, which will no doubt keep most enthralled.

” .. There’s a massive reliance on technological science, while they’re confined and in complaince for some tyrants, while these human beings do it to each other for a nuclear summer all they do is pollute their mother.. “

Photography by Nadia Otshudi

“.. No antennas or extra limbs, seraphims that travel on interstella winds, in the mix of studying different specimens, or shifting elements of earth, fire, wind, water… long as this sun is lit, up there is discoveries from the mother ship, must of been another being full functioning, falling from other beams of red, orange, green aura.. “

This is recommended for anyone looking for inventive story telling over a wide spectrum of sounds, delivered like a flurry of punches from an unbridled Ramson on top form.

‘Love Music’ is out now on all digital channels, CD and limited edition vinyl, there are also some apparel combos available, grab yours now!

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Words by Theo Specone