UKHH Legend Real TalkChester P has put together a 26 track compilation LP on his label ‘Real Talk Records’. Featuring heavyweights in the scene such as Blak Twang, Scorzayzee, Fallacy, Micall Parknsun, Cappo and many more, all proceeds from the album will go to supplying essentials for the homeless.

So far, within the two days of release the LP has raised over £1600, the album is available for digital download from the Real Talk Records bandcamp and embedded below. The 26 track album is available for a minimum donation of £7 and as mentioned with all money going directly to helping the homeless this is a cause well worth getting behind.

Chester P also has a documentary ‘Hip Hop, Homelessness and the Housing Crisis’ that will be released online on 21st December – there is a preview screening on the 20th at Passing Clouds in East London


01 – In the Streets – Blak Twang ft.Dutty Goodz (Produced by Silvastone)
02 – Brand New Crepps – Scorzayzee ft.Ty Healy (Produced by Pete 1st Blood)
03 – Gave my All – Micall Parknsun (Produced by Oozhe)
04 – Dead mans shoes – 3 Headed Beast (Produced by Charlie Mac)
05 – Signal – Children of Zeus ft. Fallacy & Shotty Horroh (Prod by Konny Kon & Children of Zeus)
06 – Hard Boiled – Cappo (Produced by Congi)
07 – Elevated – Dirt Dike ((Produced by Illinformed with Cuts by Jazz T)
08 – Still Here – Res One (Produced by Dub Logic)
09 – Hallucinogenic Liquid – The Four Owls (Produced by Leaf Dog)
10 – 2 Gutter for Dem – Dj Die ft. Inja
11 – Family Man – Novar Flip ft.Big Ben (Produced by Tony Mahoney)
12 – Way of the World – Wordz (Produced by Phocus G)
13 – Kendo Nagasaki – Lee Scott ft. Bill Shakes (Produced by Drae da Skimask)
14 – Porkswing – Skuff (Produced by Dirty Dike)
15 – The Unseen – Genesis Elijah ft Greg Blackman (Produced by Pastor Dutchie)
16 – Falling Stars – Amy True (Produced by Faulty Clicks)
17 – Voiceless – Rhymeskeemz (Produced by Urban Monk)
18 – Charged Up – Logic (Produced by Logic)
19 – Appreciate – Ramson Badbonez (Produced by Harry Love)
20 – Space Ghost – Foreign Beggars ft. Onoe Caponoe (Produced by Raf Riley)
21 – Talk About – Inja (Produced by Inja)
22 – Physiks – If We Meet Again (Produced by Physiks)
23 – Get to know the Name – Phili N Dotz (Produced by Richie Spitz)
24 – Leggo – Jam Baxter (Produced by Chemo)
25 – Headbanger – Life Mc & DJ Nappa (Produced by Nappa)
26 – The Nobodies Inn – Chester.P (Produced by Django Mankub, Chester.P with Flute by Sylva Faye)


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