%image_alt%ReggiiMental keeps things moving with the release of the forthcoming EP ‘The FirePit’ which is schedule to drop, April 2011. Even with summer around the corner, there is still a cold chill which ReggiiMental captures nicely with his latest song and video.

Winter Wonderland does not actually feature on the forthcoming EP but acts as a stepping stone towards the proposed ‘Legacy Tapes’ project set to drop this coming autumn 2011. In between shifts, we managed to catch ‘Jimmy B-Boy for a few words…

What you would consider to be your biggest achievements in the music industry so far?

Just to be still making music regardless of the setbacks and evident lack of pay that each and every independent artist will encounter

Who produces your music and what record label are you on?

We have a string of producer that all come under the RustyJukeBox umbrella. Joe Rizzle is the main man but outsourced production in the past has come from Baby J, Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S and of recent my Swedish connection Dj Risk aka Choppacop…

What are your thoughts on digital distribution? Is MP3 really the way forward?

It really is the way forward although for a serious artist to not have their music on other formats is not a good look. CD ain’t dead yet and a Vinyl will open up your music to real buyers so don’t underestimate the power of the 7”

Have you had much radio support and mixtape features? If so, what DJ’s are supporting you?

Just recently got a mixtape feature on a new DJ Ames tape and Nihal on Radio seems to spins the RustyJukeBox products that he likes. We are currently being spun on Amazing Radio which is DAB and undoubtedly Suspect Packages always show some love with their PODCAST radio..

What subject matters and concepts do you cover in your songs?

Everything. I went through a love song and struggle phase so I grouped these together for a future release. Could be the weather or how I feel on the day but it’s usually a concept in oppose to ranting a raving.

CD ain’t dead yet and a Vinyl will open up your music to real buyers so don’t underestimate the power of the 7”

Tell us about your latest release and where is the best place to buy it?

‘The Firepit’ is a collaboration with soul singer Matt Henshaw. It follows on from the B-Boy soul sound of ‘The Deepest Cellar’ with a distinct 70s sound to make you move… The guest feature from ‘Joey G-Zus’ on ‘World’s Gone Mad’ forms the lead single based on truth and reality…make sure you look out for that one !

What’s the reaction been like?

All reaction has been good. Some people like the singing more than the rap based on the feedback of the last product so I guess we tried to address the balance and hey presto…it seems to have worked!

Have you been doing any shows, if so where? Have you shared the stage with any one interesting?

We got to share stage and meet Jessie J literally just before she blew up. Support has ranged from Krs One to Kano and we opened the main stage at London’s LoveBox festival last year alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Gould, Chase and Status and The Noisettes.

Outside of music how do relax? What other things are you into doing?

I’m a fan of family life and making sure that kids get a bit of time. Otherwise I do like the…

Do you listen to a lot of music? Where do you buy your music from?

Unfortunately I don’t buy music. I listen to a hell of a lot through Groove shark and yen, I download what I want…Right now I feeling the old school Aswad stuff which I managed to locate all free of charge ….ooops…

What would you say has been your biggest track so far to date and does it have a music video on You Tube?

The World’s Gone mad was performed live on BBC Radio show, The Beat. With around 20,000 hits and current radio rotation it does seem to be the one. Grown Ups also went on to be a Channel U video of the week with back to back rotation across a period of weeks..

Where’s the best place to buy your music?

I-Tunes – Simple, otherwise get your google search on and you can find links an abundance !

Are you on all the social networking sites? My Space, Facebook and Twitter?

All of them..leave no stone unturned…

What can people expect to hear from you in the near future?

We have projects by the mass and artists by the bag full under the RustyJukeBox umbrella. Legacy Tapes is the next one in the pipeline although the flex right now is making the visuals work for us. Each single should have a video policy so keep your eyes peeled for RustyJukeBox videos by the mass!

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