As a local and proud pusher of good UK Hip Hop, I was very pleased to find out South London labels, Revorg Records and Starch Records had collaborated to bring the people a silky new 7” piece of vinyl happiness!

On the A Side, Revorg bring Strange Neighbor of TPS Fam on production to hoot away with bold Jazz horns, hugged by some sturdy Boom Bap. MC duties could not be better for this beat with the warm rhythmicality and ever-honestly reflecting, MysDiggi (Mystro).

Flip over to the AA Side and Starch Records’ Ill Move Sporadic enter with their self-styled Dring production in hand. Staying true to their analogue techniques, Ill Move Sporadic creep in with a crisp ominous sound. The track reminds me a little of an old Western film which is perfect as Nottingham outlaw, Cappo steps in to mark this beat. Now everyone in UK Hip Hop knows that Cappo has intricate bars for days but I really love the constancy of his flow on this one and appreciate the way Ill Move Sporadic have crafted the beat to allow Cappo the space to flex his lyrical muscle.

This record is a real, sweet keepsake for any appreciator of good UK Hip Hop. Buy this great coming together of respected ambassadors of the scene, both on mic and on the boards, here.

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