rewd (2)It has been a while since Rewd Adams was about but after a short hiatus he returns with his fourth release, HUNGER PAINS 2. This latest offering demonstrates his sharpest skills to date. It picks up where the previous project left off; those unbearable, stabbing, headache inducing pains of hunger and raw talent that drove the first version have now evolved, especially after vital lessons were learnt on REWD AWAKENING and HOW NOT TO MAKE A LIVING.

HUNGER PAINS 2 still delivers Rewd Adams’ lighting fast, dexterous wit and charm, but this time he wants more: Rewd is on form, not only have the skills matured but also the level of preparation has gone up a notch too. Rewd Adams’ isn’t just solely about spraying bars or dropping a hot sixteen anymore; he can produce the goods and serve hooks that would certainly impress even his greatest critics.

On the beat making duty the album is rich with producers; genre defining beatmakers Teeza and Beat Butcha feature heavily with Jetsun, Cardiak, LA based Sinitus Tempo also add to the production work, adding variety to the mix. Hunger Pains 2 is an album easier to swallow then most; Rewd Adams doesn’t disappoint on the 12 tracks. What’s even nicer about this album is that its being released in two formats; one original LP and the second version will be a mixtape stitched together by the legendary DJ MK of Kiss FM and Dizzee Rascal’s official tour DJ. My advice; cop them both.

Listen to DJ MK’s mix here

Review written by Darshi Haria



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