Ricky Ranking ‘The Healing’

The long awaited Ricky Ranking long player is still being shaped and tweaked. Ranks gives the Banana Klan Administration brain strain because he records so much it’s hard to keep up with his output. Last years Dub College Volume one Mixtape was his first true public domain journey through his vast soundscape archive. And since then many an office heated debate have left us none the nearer to committing to a 50 min general all singing all dancing release. The Anti- label free thinking sound system that is BANANAKLAN have been wrestling with our very own constructs of being true to the game and sticking to our guns of Dub Culture rebellion. In the tradition of Dub Plate/ Acetate nothing is to be hurried. Witness (1 hope) itself was on a Dub Plate for nearly two years before it was mixed and released. The Banana motto will always be soon come. The track was recorded last January in Melbourne at Countercloakwise Studio by long time Klan familiar Wayne Lotek. We were on tour in Australia we had a few days off in Melbourne. Wayne gave me a tape of 12 beats and this one hit me on a sunny day in Melbourne. I kind of forced Ricky to voice it. And he worked it a treat indeed. This tune sums up so much about the under current of what the Banana klan Sound system is about. Words will never be enough to explain… if we started from the gut feeling outwards then maybe we might skate on the tip of understanding what conceptual escape routes are about. The concept that is Dub Culture and reasoning is for anyone to master and be the master of but true learning begins when we heal from the mind outwards. Bubblers please!!!!!

Roderic ‘Roots’ Manuva

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