The sickest thing about geeking out over UK hip hop in the last decade or so (post the era of London imitation as standard) is witnessing a mad array of unique styles popping off in literally every corner of the country. Its not gone unnoticed in the camp this year that Leicester is one of those places that has been punching way above its weight. (If you don’t already know see Lloyd Luther, Stanza Divan, Jafro, Naji Wavey.)

Cue Mr Case in Point himself, Sane (fka Sane Skitza). A rinse of his output to date over the last 24 hours after stumbling across ‘Blue Love’ reveals he’s been about and sick for way more than a minute. The number of plays that he’s clocked relative to the level of talent and years in the game so far is actually criminal. This latest instalment is gold. Understated but perfectly delivered lyricism and melody over a warm groove by long time collaborator Lowpass Luke.

Watch Sane and Leicester’s movements in 2020. The unsung city is a threat.