Happy August everyone… The end of civilisation is looming. Trump and Johnson are skipping gleefully hand-in-hand towards the abyss with the British Isles and civilisation as we know it inescapably shackled to them. Terrifying technological advances are amassing into a giant wave of AIs, automation, drones and behavioural recognition promising a future of redundancy and submission. Amid a unanimous insistence on continuing to arm dictators/oil barons, global temperatures are soaring to OHSHIT levels. Meanwhile in London it’s pissing it down.

So its probably time to give up right? Wrong. We’ve still got some Summer Sickness 2019 content up our sleeves. ALSO, New Guardz are throwing their fifth annual Summer Jam on Saturday and the line-up is heavy!

Where? Nambucca (Holloway). What time? 19.00 – 3.00. How Much? £5 adv tickets still available!

Who are these New Guardz?
A sizeable crew of lyricists and producers gracing radio and releases with hip hop and beyond. Members include K Zorro, Mas Law, Crickstar, Marv Radio, Aynzli Jones, Flowtecs and Ray Vendetta amongst others.

What do they want?
A fiver. And then to make you drink/dance/lose your shit. (Tickets more on the door).

What are they guarding?
Nobody knows. It’s a closely guarded secret.

Who’s guarding the secret?
New Guardz.

Anything Else?
Yes. To kick things up another gear, they have a live band providing back up on Saturday. Ominously named as The Direwolves, expect these long-time New Guardz collaborators to add another dimension to bangers from the crew’s discography.

Who else is on the bill for hip hop heads to get excited about?

P Nut:
Bringing bars, melodies and more sauce than a Tabasco factory, P Nut looks to be one to watch in the months and years to come. Late 2018 gave us the gloriously Jazzy release and Link Up TV debut ‘Problem’, plus an album CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with producer Carns Hill that mixed trap rhythmic elements and a disarming musical depth and vocal versatility for a first LP.

Ash The Author:
Reading native, Holdin’ Court host and general mic damager, Ash The Author, will also be about “looking scruffy like Oscar the Grouch with pure poison coming out of his mouth”. Fresh off the back of the recently released and consistently ill Apex collab album with producer Ded Tebiase, expect new material plus a couple curve-ball’s from yesteryear.

If you haven’t already taken the time to listen to Jaydar‘s 2019 LP, Shadowz of Awareness, put that shit on your to do list. Think raw, cellar-dwelling Boom Bap that’s given an unholy driving pace via the kind of lyrical complexity and dexterity that’s typified the flows of some of the greatest underground UK hip hop emcees following in the footsteps of the likes of Task Force.

Anyone else?

Spanish speaking MC Lua Kosta will be repping España hard with some rapidly delivered fuego. Beyond all things rap focused, dancefloor filler Fresharda will be bringing his blend of dancehall and reggae to the stage and for more dancehall influenced music to wine to with an RnB edge Cici ATL will also be performing. Not to forget turntablism to keep the night moving throughout from DJs Cut Malina, Hector K and DJ Wicked.

For more info and links to tickets, check the events page here.