The title of Nutty P‘s Team Bakery mix tape promises the listener Sex, Drugs and Violence, which ticks many (if not all) of my boxes. I tell Mandy and Molly to hold all of my calls, turn my stereo setting to basshead and prepare myself for a freshly baked batch of Hip Hop, R’n’B, Grime, Trap and Dubstep soul soaked cookies..

The Team Bakery Mixtape which is entirely produced by Nutty P (apart from the ‘borrowed’ beats) meshes many different genres and artists into a rich batter of which the end result is a layer cake made from 18 months of hard work with the producer’s favourite artists, namely: ill Hayes, Wordplay, Dray Delta, Clencha, Splintz, Mai Khalil, Chuck Barley and a feature from Sadam of Mutated Mindz.

Nutty P’s chromey soul encapsulates tracks such as ‘Collide’ and ‘Oddity’ which for me are the stand out songs on the mixtape and sit on top of hard b lines which are torn up lyrically by Dray Delta, Clencha and Wordplay, who compliment each other with variant vocal style and delivery. Nutty’s catchy hooks are irresistible on tracks such as ‘Londoner’ which is a welcome anthem for the capital and will make most cockneys jump and click their heels all the way back to the Bow bells. Mai Khalil’s shrill songbird voice is draped over snappy snares on ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Ready 2 Ride’ and compliments Nutty P as a female counterpart breaking up the fierce offerings of the rest of Team Bakery.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mix tape, it was a high energy dose of grime and hip hop hedonism and I urge anyone who enjoys their music mashup, experimental and adventurous to cop the free download, it’s a party starter and you’ll definitely be singing along to the sugary hooks whilst skankin’ out to the hard bass lines, whether wavey or sober as a judge, get involved.

Team Bakery Mixtape Vol. 1 – Sex, Drugs and Violence is out on Friday 13th December for free download, click here to get your copy now and jump on the wave.

The Team Bakery Mixtape Launch Party takes place on Friday 13th December with support from DatKid (Split Prophets) and Joker Starr

Facebook event page

Review by Theo Specone


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