ThoroughBred-01Though the Throrough Bred EP is only Theme’s second release to date, following the Toys Get Smoked EP in 2012, the London lyricist has turned heads with his abrasive style of lyricism, and is backed by a web of strong affiliations throughout the capital city. The production of the project was left in the capable hands of 7thDan, Micall Parknsun, CrossboneT and DeadManWalkn, featuring collaborations with some of the UK’s hottest prospects: Skirmish (Rhyme Asylum), EmceeKilla (Caxton Press), Ray Vendetta and Tesla’s Ghost (Triple Darkness).

The 6 track EP has been anticipated for close to a year’s time, the first teaser dropping last May when a video for Leave It Alone emerged. Having collaborated with the likes of Ill Move Sporadic and Triple Darkness, he proves to possess a lyrical finesse which bears an enormous potential to break through into the eye of the nationwide hip-hop following, which seems only a matter of time, having become increasingly popular within the scene for his outspoken ferocity.

The Thorough Bred EP does well to emphasize a lyrical prowess and innate confidence which overshadows Theme’s lyrical competitors. Theme makes short work of the “minor players making major threats” in Last of a dying Breed, calling on Skirmish and EmceeKilla “to make them pay respect”. The lyricism is incisive in its offensive nature and defines their vicious mentalities, ensuring that their message is heard with clarity. In Leave It Alone, Theme relieves a weight of his chest by taking aim at “DJ’s without vinyl”, “internet gangsters” and “fame chasing wankers” amongst others, finishing by shouting out his extensive affiliations.

Reppin embarks on a sentimental instrumental with a bassy hook to match the vicious lyricism, as Theme relentlessly establishes himself as a forerunner in hip-hop. Triple Darkness’s Ray Vendetta and Tesla’s Ghost collaborate in Rappers Worst Nightmare, in which Theme again offensively strips down the opposition, boasting his skill with quick-fire syllables before Ray Vendetta follows with a remorselessly composed flow, authoritatively denouncing weaker MC’s. Tesla’s Ghost finishes with intelligent lyricism, continuing to condemn the competition.

Though the EP excellently demonstrates Themes undoubted skill it doesn’t seem to be enough for the time we’ve waited for it’s release. It’s clear that Theme has all the skill and affiliations necessary to create a spectacular full length, but essentially time is the crucial factor, and perhaps Theme is just currently focused more on his life outside of the studio. Though I can’t disregard that a man’s personal life must always come before his work, maybe it’s time that Theme struck whilst the iron’s hot and penned down his full-length. We can’t wait to hear more.

The Thorough Bred EP is available to purchase digitally from Theme’s bandcamp page: