file9601237070445This time around, another way to enjoy bingo is via hip hop bingo. If you haven’t heard it or know little about it here are some details to it.

Hip Hop bingo is a new way to enjoy bingo games. A bar called Parlor Hollywood was said to be the place of its origin. Yes, it’s happening in a bar with cocktail drinks, music playing and of course a lot of dancing and not yet in some bingo sites.

Here’s how hip hop bingo is played.

Once you have entered the bar, you are given a table and some laminated bingo cards after of course ordering drinks. In most games, there are two disc jockeys to entertain the crowd. As the bingo game begins, the host calls out numbers while playing throwback hip hop hits (that’s why it’s called hip hop bingo) and those in the table get busy by dabbing numbers on their cards while swaying their bodies to the rhythm of the hip hop music. Both DJ’s dish out trivia on hip hop genre as well as perform dancing routines. Prizes are laid down around the front stage. The fun escalates every time someone calls out bingo and collects her prizes. Since most players are ladies, prizes are commonly those that appeal most to ladies such as kitchen accessories, home decors and rounds of drinks.

But there’s a big twist in calling out bingo. If you’re one number away from bingo, you have to yell  out hip hop from your table and run up to the front stage and join other “almost winner” players and DANCE until a winner calls bingo. This dancing and calling out hip hop before calling out bingo make a big difference when you play in bingo sites.

Hip hop and bingo are both classic in their own way. The hip hop music has created great impact on the music industry while bingo being a part of the subculture has been deemed as a means of socialization and it has been used as a means of fundraising. Whoever thought of combining both has come out with an ideal collaboration as it resulted to a new way of having clean fun. If you want more clean fun playing bingo.

With its increasing popularity, it’s not surprising to see Hip Hop bingo in home parties and get-togethers and special events. The key here is some good selections of hip hop music plus cooperative guests who’s willing to hip hop dance their winning numbers. And with amazing technologies around us can we expect to see a hip hop bingo version in online bingo?


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