%image_alt%Ok so if you’ve not heard of Tricksta, you have no right to call yourself a UK hip hop head, it’s official, I said it. For a man who needs no introduction I’m gonna give one anyway ‘cos that what you do in reviews innit?

A producer hailing from Wolverhampton he’s been grinding since 1996 and first came on the radar with The Villains ‘Welcome to Wolftown’ LP back in 2000, since then he’s been busy with various projects including editing the underground famous ‘Rago’ magazine, masterminding the UK Runnings mixtapes and producing and releasing on Wolftown recordings. Skip to 2011 and we now await the release of his LP ‘Out of darkness cometh light’.

The lead single ‘out of darkness’ features Supar Novar, Cyclonious, LATE, Streetz and Deeze. Tricksta’s production is dark, dirty, heavy and features ominous brass led tones all the way through. Darkness indeed, this is a hood up, head down with a screw face kinda track. All emcees spit heavy on it with battle lyrics, I feel the one that shines the best is the man anchoring the track – Deeze. His deep Wolftown tones compliment the beat perfectly and if it was designed for him to spit last on the track you can tell why.

Backing this lead single comes a ‘Drumstep’ remix from Juttla – a producer who I had never heard of before, it’s official, you read it. As the title suggest it’s on a dub step tip, now I’m hardly a dub step aficionado, but there’s only one word for the way Juttla has flipped this remix – sick. Juttla twists the original on its head to make it even darker and the clash of sounds in the track doesn’t take away from the lyrical fire of the emcees. Juttla’s definitely one for me to check in future and I recommend you do the same; I’ve already liked him on facebook!

This single dropped in April, and the LP on the RGS/Wolftown label will be available from iTunes and other leading websites in June.

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