We’ve put together an insane line-up of talent to celebrate our joint 20th Birthday with the original ethical threads brand, THTC Clothing.

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31st May. 8pm – 3am

An event celebrating 20 years of hemp and hip hop. An obscene concentration of hip hop talent from across the UK under one roof for a modest price. (Early birds sold out but advance tickets still available here.)

Because its our Birthdays, so we’re going to party like it’s our Birthdays. (Bacardi available)
And 20 Years in the game is reason to celebrate:

For over twenty years, THTC Clothing has worked tirelessly to blend great design with ethical business. Their materials are organic, and their producers are paid fairly and treated with dignity. Started by the Lawson Brothers, Gav and Drew, in the autumn of 1999, THTC had a simple mission – to bring hemp to the high street

This here website was established as the home of UK Hip Hop way back in 1999. While the good ship UKHH has had a few people at the helm over the years and a constantly changing crew, it’s remained a trusted source of hip hop news, views, interviews and more. 20 years on… We have a long history of live events, an expansive list of artist features on original video content and a steadily growing following. And that’s all been done purely out of love for the scene. So come get drunk with us!

We think the band of renegades we’ve assembled to celebrate this evening would be seriously hard to improve on. Here’s why…

Its more than fitting that we’ve roped Chester P into headlining our 20 years event. 2019 also marks two decades since the release of Task Force’s debut LP New Mic Order. The impact on the UK’s underground hip hop scene that Chester has had since then is immeasurable. Both as part of Task Force (along with brother Farma G) and as an individual lyricist, he has been a source of inspiration and imitation for a generation of writers. A pioneer of a more complex flow delivery coupled with serious depth; beyond building up a massive catalogue of heaters, Chester has also consistently been a voice for reason and social change. It would be very hard to name a lyricist more influential in the development of the UK hip hop style over the last 20 years.

This don has been a pillar of the UK hip hop community for time. With a well-earned reputation for humour and insight that’s permeated a long history of releases (under old title Mystro and new incarnation Mysdiggi) the Natural Born Spitta has become a household name for fans of the genre. Beyond the impressive recording career, Mys has become a face of and voice for the UK scene at large. So far, strings to the bow have included; numerous live projects, charity work, some impressive branding partnerships and putting on an ocean of UK talent co-hosting ‘The HipHop Show’ on Fubar radio with Sarah Love.

We’re very hyped to also be hosting the shapeshifting veteran formerly known as Kashmere The Iguana Man, performing with long time collaborator Dr Zygote on the 1s and 2s. Following a long history of pushing the boundaries, releases from the duo in their most recent guise of Strange U (occupying the bizarre end of super-label High Focus) have gained widespread exposure and acclaim. Kash kicked off our third season of Rappertag last year and we’ll be dropping some dope new content from him in 2019.

Another legend on the line-up with a career that’s spanned over 20 years, Cappo put the city of Nottingham on the map way back and has continued to rep like a boss ever since. With a stack of solo relases and string of collaborative projects and features that any UK hip hop artist would be proud of, Cap is frequently cited as the MC’s MC. Recent releases from the rapper have included last years excellent Postmoderism LP with Cyrus Malachi and flying the flag for Notts as part of super crew VVV with Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage.

For the era of music being celebrated here, Genesis Elijah has a body of work that’s mad representative. Another soldier of the scene that has more than earned his stripes, Genesis has an approach that’s naturally evolved with the times. With diverse influences that maintain roots in the hip hop of the early noughties, newer projects incorporate current stylings from UK rap and trap without sacrificing any of the signature rawness that gave him a rep in the first place. Adding to the list of things to celebrate on the 31st, this Friday will also mark the release of Gen’s It Will All End In Tears Deluxe EP!

We’ve said it before and are likely to repeat this sentiment until its not true anymore…. TrueMendous is the most underrated female in the UK hip hop game right now. That’s not to say she’s not making moves. With ratings from pretty much everyone who already knows, the gradual expansion of the TrueMendous fanbase is starting to snowball. Achievements to date include a long list of independent EPs, a feature on last year’s massive Jagged Tooth Crook by The Mouse Outfit and having recently completed the first ever UK tour consisting entirely of female UK hip hop artists with Shay D and DJ Elle Prohan.

“The paragraph paragon. Dangerous like handling an atom bomb with salad tongs”. Representing Brighton town. Koaste will be kicking off the evening’s proceedings with Snuff the Ablist on the decks.


DJs to grace the wheels of steel over the course of the night will include:

DJ 279 aka Numbers + Special Guests

Snuff The Ablist



Peaches the All Round Edutainer + Curoc (4our Pillars/Son of Noise)

Third tier tickets are still available here.
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