St Paul’s Carnival will be returning to Bristol this Saturday and 2018 see’s in it’s much welcomed 50th anniversary after a 4 year break.

Since 1968 Carnival has blown up to be one of Bristol’s biggest attractions, delivering some of the city’s finest food, art, culture and music, St Paul’s Carnival 2018 is not one to be missed.

st pauls 50 years

What to expect?

With 4 main stages and 16 official sound systems scattered around, St Paul’s doesn’t come quietly. Wordlife brings us a Bristolian showcase of hip hop and will be kicking things off on the main stage. Mr Wordlife himself, Krazy, had the following to say:

“Of course Wordlife had to come and represent. St. Paul’s carnival is a Bristol staple and the biggest event musically on the Bristol calendar and we got some wicked acts and surprise guests to bring out for you for the 50th anniversary!”

With grime heavyweight Jay0117 also performing it’s evident that St Pauls is a true celebration of Bristol’s talent. As the Malcolm X stage also hosts performances from Greezy Bear and Skrilla UGQ there’ll be more bars permeating the soundsystem throughout the day. Head to the  Windrush Stage and expect murky vibes bridging grime/hip hop from Wish, Dash Villz and Relly. Add to that performances from Stay Hungry and Scribes as well as a not to miss performance from scene veteran K*ners (check below for vibes) alongside a tonne of acts spanning other styles, there’s abundant hip hop vibes to hunt down.


St Pauls is unrivalled when it comes to celebrating African Caribbean culture, so where better to start than food. Presenting an unrivalled array of Caribbean food, this year also brings you a nod to the Somalian heritage that is also vibrant in the city. It is strongly advised to come to carnival prepared to munch.

st pauls street food


It’s pretty evident that creativity runs through Bristol’s veins, with arguably the most vibrant graffiti culture in the UK, and with Carnival held in the heart of St Pauls you can expect nothing less than to witness colour and art in pretty much every format and direction. Inkie has created the 50th anniversary celebratory mural piece which is currently being painted on a wall in Bristol as we speak.

st pauls mural - inkie

Not to mention that with after parties pretty much wherever you turn, it isn’t surprising that St Pauls is expected to bring in over 100,000 carnival goers. Do not sleep on this weekend.