Verb T returns with his latest offering ‘Morning Process’ out now on High Focus Records. We caught up with him for an exclusive video. As well as giving the album a quick review.


Morning Process paints a picture of Verb T as a reclusive eccentric hermit who spends most of his time in an arm chair in his front room penning verses and watching Baywatch. In actual fact Verbs is one of the hardest working artists in the UK, with an impressive back catalogue that is well recognised and highly regarded, never mind his work with The Four Owls, the solo work on this release is pure fire on a standalone basis.

The album delivers consistently effortless flows, unmistakeable on many UKHH releases over the past decade, and covers just about every aspect that you could think of, from the antisocial locked in hermit, to the working class family man, to the sold-out show rocking UK Hip Hop veteran that he has grown to become.

We are treated to crisp, punchy production from the likes of JJ Malone and Pete Cannon on tracks such as ‘On The Edge Part 1’ and ‘Where You Find Me’. Leaf Dog never fails to impress with his production, especially on the title track and ‘Sittin’ Here’, which compliments Verb T’s flow perfectly. Chemo pops up on the album with the beat for ‘Listen to me’ a track that stands out with an older hip hop feel and is a nice addition to the playlist.

Verb T’s dry wit, smooth vocals and clever choice of beats and features work well on this release and a definite highlight is the self-produced ‘Snake Plissken’ which is graced by the legendary Cappo and Skriblah. Four Owl’s fans will be pleased to know stable mate’s BVA and Fliptrix appear on ‘Sittin’ Here’ and ‘On The Edge Part 2’ respectively and Jam Baxter, Kosyne and Karizma complete the roll call. The album is a fantastic addition to any UKHH fans collection, go out and grab a copy now, you will not be disappointed.

Morning Process is out now on CD, Digital format and Limited edition Vinyl (Definitely one for the crate!).



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