%image_alt%Virus Syndicate are fairly well known as crew from Manchester who normally feature on Grime/Dubstep sounding tracks.

They consist of DJ Mark One and the MCs Goldfinger, JSD and Nika D and there’s no doubting the versatility of these guys. The mc’s can all spit and spit over whatever they choose. This fresh outing from the fellas isnt bad, but for a man like me it disappoints. These guys have made anthems such as, Peng In The Air and
Slow down. They’ve also made more kinda piss take joke tunes like Dirty Dirty with Rusko. This new track doesnt bang nearly as hard as the latter but is another tongue in cheek not taking itself too serious type of track.

With that in mind and knowing what the lads are capable of, I’m disappointed.The female hook and UK funky-esque electroness of the two mixes, (Trackmasters and Starkey) for this listener personally don’t come over.

It still has plenty and charm and character which the lads always deliver well, but this don’t run for me. These boys are amongst the best at what they’ve been doing, and this reviewer just hopes they do more of that.

If you haven’t heard of them youtube em, bandcamp em, do your research because they got potential coming out their arseholes, but for me it’s a let down, but that being said i still look forward to hearing whats next, until then i’m still flying the flag for Virus Syndicate

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