2018 has started with blizzard like weather, courtesy of the beast from the east. Now, though the storm may have quelled, the forecast shows something a lot more mighty is brewing. This time down south. Its a heavy downpour of break beats and a unrelenting gale force rhapsody of rhymes. Its thanks to a chilling audible attack from Wundrop and Kemastry. Yogocop presents: Frosty Raps – The tales of Huff Jenks and King Long.

The Brighton based label has put some bangers out in recent times. Like the recent release of Mr Slipz record It Don’t Stop. Yogocop aren’t planning on easing up any time soon, with Frosty Raps dropping on March 24th. The duo’s creation has definitely been inspired by a purist hip-hop vibe. It contains, not a minimalist style, that would be an understatement not worthy of the record, but shows that creating hip hop in 2018 doesn’t need to be over done or over cooked. The simplicity of boom bap beats flirted together with crisp punchy lyrics does the job like the greats.

The album starts with ‘Word to da Frost’. Here the duo go back and forth to the next track ‘Bored + Wasted’, which expels the ideology of the album – having nothing, apart from being armed with your favourite hip hop records, a bottle of Frosty Jacks and a passion to change your situation. As you wade through the lyrical attack from Wundrop and Kemastry you get to ‘Bile Bukowski’. Paying homage to Charles Bukowski, even including a snippet of the late, great writer as the intro/outro, the short but ever powerful track resonates for a while after. The highlight of the album is ‘Gloom Terrapinz’ opening with Wundrop throwing light back to Biggie. With the opening lyrics “It was all a dream”. Then beginning to dictate his day to day, until passing the mic to Kemastry who only intensifies the situation. Tongue twisters and references to Mary Poppins galore. Deep bass beats flow throughout. With the lyrics and raps hitting with a cold punch to the dome.

Frosty Raps drops March 24th, be sure to get your copy here.